Monday, November 24, 2014

Ice CaveWorks, too!

I found this post inspiring. Specifically, making the caves icy simply by adjusting the color...

The second one I was just tinkering with adding 'sparkles' to. I think if I get the hang of the plugin, it would actually add a nice effect to the texture. Also, I would probably desaturate the image even more. Everything prints out darker than you'd normally want. Anyway, I really like the effect, and it's so simple, that I'd be crazy not to do it.

CaveWorks repackaged

Just some pics I whipped up to see what the old CaveWorks terrain looked like.

I played around with regular 3" and 6" walls...

 I played around with making TLX cliff walls...

Then I went ahead and made some walls that went above the standard 2" height. Lots of sets do this, so why not caves too?
I would imagine I could make at least two of each kind of wall, stitching together stuff here and there. The floors really need some TLC, more than the walls do. But, I think I might be able to work something out. Anyway, just tinkering around because I've always wanted caves...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Swampwood Village roof texture redo

I wasn't liking how the thatched roof texture was turning out. It just doesn't fit well with the rest of the set. So, I'm making a new texture. Here's the start:

Yes, it's just the wall bits stretched long and thin, layered and made a little jagged at the edge. Still, I think it's better than the original Swampwood roof texture:

I might add some moss/leaves/vines to the roof as an option, and I might adjust the roof so that it's more yellow in order to separate it from the walls more.

UPDATE: Daaaaang. I apparently didn't SAVE before walking away from my computer... By the time I came back, my son had switched users and used the computer quite a bit. It was all too much for GIMP. My changes were lost. Now I just have to figure out HOW MUCH was lost. :(

A roof solution at last?

Rather than make NEW trusses and NEW roof pieces, I opted to simply cover existing roof pieces and trusses. Here's a picture of a thatched roof in a Thoumont's truss:

I didn't modify the truss at all. It's standard TLX, which has the following things going for it:

1) If you've made any trusses already, you won't have to redo them.
2) If you've never made them before, you can follow the TLX instructions.
3) They're fully textured inside and out, and are really sturdy.

I also didn't modify the roof at all. Well, sort of. What I've done is created a rectangular piece that covers the existing roof as well as the truss. Here's a picture of the roof, upside-down:

So, it's a TLX roof that I glued an extra piece to. This has a couple things going for it:

1) You can continue to use your roofs as-is!
2) You can upgrade your existing roofs very easily, and start using them on other trusses!
3) The modification is very simple to perform - no complicated cuts or fiddly assembly!

Here's one more shot from the front, showing that the roof piece completely covers the tops of the two trusses it is slotted into:

I made the roof 'cover' hang over the original roof by 2mm on each side, which brings it nicely to the edge of the truss. The extra bit you have to add on is 2 layers thick, which raises the top layer up above the truss.

So, I'm moving ahead this this design this week.

Quick update to show what this would look like with a 2-way truss supporting two roof pieces.

So, yeah, they overlap a little bit. But, that means they're covering up the truss nicely. Also, it's only one layer of cardstock that's overlapping, so it's not all that unpleasant. I just took these test roof pieces and stripped off the extra overhang.That left a 2mm gap between them. Yuck! I tried to shave just 1mm off of the overhanging bit, and yeah - if you've got laser precision, you might get them to fit snugly, but chances are you're going to have a little overlap or a little gap. I'm happy with the intentional overlap.
That's just an ugly close-up of the current overlap. That's about as bad as it gets.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A new take on making the trusses more flexible...

So, I've been so consumed with modifying the roof and truss pieces that I'm not sure I've thought through the fact that maybe the roof pieces don't need to change at all, and the trusses can remain the same way they are. Instead, what if I created some simple pieces that slip around the truss, covering the texture with the texture from another roof?

I don't know if they'll be too annoying, but this is what I'm thinking. Make something that slips up through the bottom hole of the truss. It would extend all the way to the top of the truss on the inside, and on the outside (where it's textured) it would extend maybe ¼" past the top of the truss. You'd fold that ¼" into the truss, then slide the roof in place. That would hold the covering in place.

I am guessing the whole idea will be too flimsy to hold up, but I figured I'd note it in case everything else fails and I need something to come back to. :)


-OR- why not just make a piece that attaches to the roof, but covers the truss area? I'm thinking that a piece about 1 ½" long, with a ¼"  flap that folds under so that the whole thing is raised a little. I don't know if it will look Frankenstein-ish or not, but this seems like the most trivial adaptation to make roof pieces work better with TLX trusses. I am not sure if the flap that raises the texture up over the truss would have to be 2x thick or if just 1x thick would do. It might get lifted up a lot and look ugly if it's not right, but it might look ugly anyway if it's really noticeable. Doing it this way would mean not remaking ANY pieces, though. It would just mean adding a simple piece on top of the simple roof pieces. It might also mean it would hide some of the ugliness of TLX roof/truss joints, where they don't QUITE line up right.

Swampwood Village Roof

I'm working on the textures for the roofs of Swampwood Village. Here's where I'm at:

It was quite a chore pulling the bars off of the walls - that's the underside of the roof.  Unfortunately, I can only get one roof piece per page at this size, because of the added width. Test prints will have to wait until later this week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Onto the roof

I just exported over 20 pages of walls for the huts, and the square floor tiles are done, too. There's nothing left for me to procrastinate on - I have to make the roof system... I think where I ended up with the roofs was I had my own template, but I wanted to TRY to adjust the TLX templates a smidge so that I could use a mostly-TLX wall (with boxy, post-like things to slip the walls into). I will work on this somewhat slowly over the next week or so. I've got some time off coming to me this month, and if I can get the trusses sorted out, I'll have them textured in no time.

I *could* procrastinate some more, and make the cutfiles for the walls...

NO! Cutfiles come last. I just have to force myself to get this done.