Thursday, March 3, 2016

Experiment Pics #2

Here's some pics of a friction-fit assembly system with separate tabs:

I'm swamped at work and home. There's just never enough time to really hammer out an idea before I am exhausted. I'm wondering if I can make simple textured "posts" with friction-fit tabs, so the corners will look a little more polished. I also want to put together some interior walls, add floors, trusses and a roof to this to see how it all goes together.

Experiment pics

Fine. Pics or it didn't happen. Here are some pics of the slip-the-tab-under-the-tile experiment:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Experimentation continues

I'm back to trying out some friction-fit assembly methods. I've got some 6" walls right now that assemble with slots on the sides and two on the top and bottom. The tabs that hold them together slip into the walls and hopefully out of sight. Floors can be permanently attached, or rested in place, I think. Tabs come in (currently) four flavors - "I", "T", "L" and "+" shapes. I might make a variant of the "T" tabs with a small lip rather than two of the full tabs. That'd be for resting floors on, and holding removable upper walls in place.

It's getting late. I hope to try to build a roof and truss tomorrow to see if it all holds together!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Spark of inspiration that may finally pay off!

I admit I've backed off from experimenting with modular builds for a while now. I've released a handful of static buildings that are exterior only, and I just released a ruined building set that has interior textures out of necessity. It's even a little bit modular and kinda lets you fold flat the structures.

But, I still want modular builds!

My latest plan seems to have enough merit for me to try for real on a couple tiles. What I've done is carved parallel slits in the corner of the tile that will be affixed to foamcore.  Then, I've got little tabs that can slip under the tile face through the slits and fold upward, giving the posts something to grab onto. You only need to slip in the tabs that you are using, and they aren't glued in place. The tabs aren't even textured, so there's no laborious edging to do.

Time is always my enemy. Tonight, I've got a cub scout overnight camp to live through, and who knows what has been planned for me this weekend. My hope is that I will be able to take one of my released sets and make a set of 3" or 6" tiles, some posts and walls, and see if everything really goes together nicely. I also need to prove to myself that I can hand-cut these things AND that it doesn't look like poo when I'm done.

The scraps that I cobbled together work pretty well, though, so optimism continues to reign supreme.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have you voted in the Papercut Awards?

If not, please do!

Community involvement is what it's all about!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finding inspiration - my own, and others!

I've been poking around the web looking for inspiring buildings to make next. For example, I liked this image of the Stokesay Castle gatehouse:

and whipped up a 3d model from it. I'll be leaning on photos of the gatehouse for style choices as I texture it.

While looking for inspiring photos, I enjoyed finding what may have been the inspiration for others as well. Take these for example:

Clearly the same model. I love what Mystic Mountain Productions did with it.

Here's another gem I came across. I love Dave Graffam buildings. Check this out:

I knew I had seen that model somewhere!

Anyway, I think it's fun to stumble onto these sorts of things.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I've done it!

Or, at least, I think I have... I've submitted three little houses to be public on DriveThruRPG. I'm going to work on the set of tiles now and then I'll go back to more interesting buildings. Exciting! The doors to the Paper Realms will finally be open!

To that extent, I will also start posting more on the following URLs:

Twitter:   @paperrealms

I haven't bothered with a blog yet ( but that might come online too.

More info when the products actually come online!