Thursday, October 23, 2014

Swampwood Village TLX kitbash

There were a couple threads on the WorldWorks forums talking about converting Swampwood Village to the TLX format. Doing the tiles is easy, assuming folks are OK with just scaling down the 7" tiles to 6". I have to make sure this will look good. If it looks too squished up against Hinterland Forests tiles, then I'll try to be clever about it. Converting the tiles is one thing. I'm also looking to convert the tree huts into TLX houses. Here are some pictures showing progress:

For tiles, I expect to do 3", hall and 6" tiles in the three grid formats. I separated the elements from the original hut tile so I can add/remove different elements:

I expect to also support round huts, so I'm going to have a 6" tile with a round hut base and grass on the corners. Additionally, I'll make a round hut (with TLX anchors) to support putting arc walls around it. That will allow raised huts...

For walls, I've again teased apart some elements, so I can move things around. I'm planning on 3", 6" and arc walls to start. No angled walls, double-height walls, etc. With it will be 2-way and 3-way posts. I have no plans to do 4-way posts, because I don't think they'll be useful for hut-building (any more than 2- and 3-way posts will be, combined).

Sunday, October 19, 2014

An orc version of the corporate ladder?

They have to climb *something* to get into the outpost, don't they? Well, here's a sample ladder I made up this evening:

My question is, which one is the right want to have it on the page? Dark all around, and you can opt to cut it all fancy with the rungs sticking out, you can slice em off, you can cut in between the rungs... whatever. Or, a thin black border making it easy to fold in half correctly, but assume that everyone will want to cut out all the details?

I'm thinking the dark one is better. I'm planning on making a different kind of latter that plays well with the TLX system. Those are wider, and slot into the tiles. I'll put it to the WWG forum to see what people think.

Outpost Tower is coming together

Here are some shots of a single floor, with some posts that will possibly support another floor, or perhaps just a floor tile as a roof.

I think that these pieces will be good enough for the kitbash, but I want to make a ladder that will to with it. Here's a mock-up:

Basically, two long thin logs with some small logs crossing it. It's all tied together using rope. I'll probably try to design it so the openings are wider (for minis) and the rungs might extend out a little more, in case you feel like having the extra detail.

I'm thinking about possible rails - I was imagining I'd need something to hold the tile on, but it seems fine as-is, and fiddly railings fall apart when you try to pull them out of the tile. Still, I might be able to make some low railings out of logs or wood (maybe just using the floor texture) to make the tower a little more "finished" - it'd be more like a fort.

But, in an effort to get things into the hands of the kitbash judges sooner, I'll wrap these up and do the railings (and maybe a small roof) for another kitbash.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outpost Walls - first attempt is pretty darn good!

Despite a printer error causing the page to come out skewed, I went ahead and fed the page through the robocutter. I had to paste the page down crooked to compensate, and it still was off by about 1 - 2mm on the cut, which is quite a bit when you're trying to not have ugly white edges...

Anyway, here's the result:

Sorry it's a little overexposed, but I think this came out pretty good! I've got enough printed to make a couple more posts and finish two more wall segments. That will let me build a floor, and a railing to hold it all in place.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outpost Tower walls - first attempt

I took the logs from my orc camp walls kitbash, and took some rope from the Swampwood Village set. I think the effect works pretty nicely.

Starting on the Outpost Tower

The walls around the camp are looking pretty good, so I'm starting to rough out ideas for an outpost tower. The plan right now is to harvest the walkway textures from Swampwood Village as an example of logs that are lashed together.

Not sure if I need more than the 3" tiles for this particular project. I'll leave it at this. I'm also not sure I like how the grids were done in the old system, but maybe... I'll either use the old grid, or maybe attach ropes along the grid lines, which may me more subtle.

Next will be the posts and walls. I'm thinking of using posts almost identical to the camp walls. That is, they'll be rough logs. I'm also thinking I'll use those logs for the walls, criss-crossed and attached with ropes. I will likely also have some railings, which will make these tiles hold in place nice and snug.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dressing up the orc walls

So, I'm trying to keep in the spirit of kitbashing, and am pulling as much of the textures from WorldWorks sets as possible.  There are four examples of bits I'm pulling from the Swampwood Village props. I think they work really well!