Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting the easy stuff out of the way

I'm not avoiding doing the hard pieces... honest! Before I did more work on walls or posts, I wanted to get some basic floor tiles done so I could learn more about how I'd want to lay out the Harbormaster building. I'm going to be on vacation soon, so I figured I'd post these pictures in an un-edged, un-tabbed state rather than spend my time edging and not post anything for another week.

Now, this tile here was fun. I removed an entire carpet off of 12 of the squares...

The 3"x3" wood tile wasn't so bad - it wasn't hard to find a small section I could copy.

I'm not all that thrilled with this 3"x3" tile, but the original texture I'm working with isn't the greatest. I'll leave this as is.

Oh. Here's a 3"x6" hallway piece with that rug I mentioned earlier. It might be nice to have a 6"x6" tile with the rug on it, just in case.

And here's a hallway with minimal stuff on the floor.

And here's a 6"x6" tile with some miscellaneous stuff in the corner.

In total, I have seven types of floors - three hallways, two small and two large tiles. I can easily imagine one or two more tile types, but this is plenty for me to move onto the posts. I've done 2-way posts already, but I need the 3- and 4- way posts to really show progress.

Harbormaster TLX walls

I've knocked off a bunch more styles of 3" walls for my Harbormaster TLX conversion. I still have a couple to do, but I think the next step will be to make some 6" walls. Once the walls are done, I'll do some more floor tiles (I only have one hallway tile "done").

This is a rough collection of the blue interior walls and the exterior walls. I removed some of the details (like, I removed some of the wall decay and baseboard decorations) and tried to keep enough of the original decorations (like paintings, shelves etc) available.

Here's a shot of the interior/exterior door. My thought was to keep the steel beams on the interior/exterior walls, but have none on the purely interior walls.

Here's one of the interior walls.

Here's the first interior wall I did. It's got a lot of the decay markings. I removed from a lot of other interior walls.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Harbormaster TLX Kitbash

I'm not sure why, but I've wanted to try my hand at porting the Harbormaster terrain to the TLX terrain system. I finally bit the bullet and started making some test walls, posts and floor tiles. It turns out, there are some aspects that are really easy to pull of. Making the floor tiles takes almost no time. The walls and posts have their issues, but I'm getting the hang of it. Once I get enough test prints out, I'll know what I need to do in terms of interior and exterior walls.

Here's my first shot just to prove I'm doing something:

Gak, I tried a grey pen to edge the post there, and it massacred it. I tried another with a black sharpie and it wasn't all that much better. Not sure what I'll do about that.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chunky Thoumont's Kitbash

I really wanted to try this out with the Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings set, but I've been knee deep in Thoumont's for so long that it's where I started. The idea was to combine the great features of the TerrainLinx system and combine it with some of the neat architectural features you can get by making the walls a bit thicker.

So, I took a couple wall sections from the Thoumont's set and made them 1 cm thick - the same thickness as the corner wall posts. By keeping the tabs on the wall section, they still fit nicely into the posts, but they're now thick enough to play some papercraft tricks.

My first attempt was to simply take a flat wall and make it thicker. Despite the fact that I designed it with very small glue tabs, it went together easily. I decided to try for one with windows next. What I did was design the wall with cut-outs where the windows would normally print, then I designed window inserts that would glue inside the wall to make the windows inset. This is WAY slower than just whipping up TLX walls, but I chalked it up to adding the "papercraft" back to the TLX manufacturing process.

I'd like to try this with doors next, but I'm also thinking I'll get more bang for my buck if I switch over to the Dwarven set. There, I can make nice open archways, doors, maybe some interesting wall features. I think I need to experiment more with the design also. It might be easier to augment a standard TLX wall than it is to try to custom form a 3D wall with the tabs in the right place.

Anyway, here are some photos of the wall sections I made. Not sure if you can make it out, but the windows there are inset. It's like that on both sides, with textures around the window to make it all look nice.

Here's a shot of a teeny building. The long walls are the chunky walls I made.

Maybe some evening I'll get really ambitious and try to augment the beams by cutting up another wall printout and adding an extra layer to them. But, another time. I want to finish the main Thoumont's building and get some shots of the interior all decked out, then I want to move onto some Hinterland builds!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


My Thoumont's build is coming to a close. I'm running out of steam, really - it's been a lot of work but I really like how it's come out so far. I haven't done any interior work - no stairs, bookshelves or tables. I had printed all sorts of stuff out, but ran out of ink, so I have a lot of funny colored props...

I did enough of this build to have TONS of pieces for making other things. All sorts of roof, wall, railing and floor pieces. Over the course of making this, I've learned a lot more about how to assemble things faster, and how to edge the pieces properly.