Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting the easy stuff out of the way

I'm not avoiding doing the hard pieces... honest! Before I did more work on walls or posts, I wanted to get some basic floor tiles done so I could learn more about how I'd want to lay out the Harbormaster building. I'm going to be on vacation soon, so I figured I'd post these pictures in an un-edged, un-tabbed state rather than spend my time edging and not post anything for another week.

Now, this tile here was fun. I removed an entire carpet off of 12 of the squares...

The 3"x3" wood tile wasn't so bad - it wasn't hard to find a small section I could copy.

I'm not all that thrilled with this 3"x3" tile, but the original texture I'm working with isn't the greatest. I'll leave this as is.

Oh. Here's a 3"x6" hallway piece with that rug I mentioned earlier. It might be nice to have a 6"x6" tile with the rug on it, just in case.

And here's a hallway with minimal stuff on the floor.

And here's a 6"x6" tile with some miscellaneous stuff in the corner.

In total, I have seven types of floors - three hallways, two small and two large tiles. I can easily imagine one or two more tile types, but this is plenty for me to move onto the posts. I've done 2-way posts already, but I need the 3- and 4- way posts to really show progress.

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