Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harbormaster TLX walls

I've knocked off a bunch more styles of 3" walls for my Harbormaster TLX conversion. I still have a couple to do, but I think the next step will be to make some 6" walls. Once the walls are done, I'll do some more floor tiles (I only have one hallway tile "done").

This is a rough collection of the blue interior walls and the exterior walls. I removed some of the details (like, I removed some of the wall decay and baseboard decorations) and tried to keep enough of the original decorations (like paintings, shelves etc) available.

Here's a shot of the interior/exterior door. My thought was to keep the steel beams on the interior/exterior walls, but have none on the purely interior walls.

Here's one of the interior walls.

Here's the first interior wall I did. It's got a lot of the decay markings. I removed from a lot of other interior walls.

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