Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Second KITBASH... to big to submit?

The idea of a kitbash is to take an existing product and modify it a bit, then let the guys who made the original resell your modified piece so everyone can use it. Clearly people don't do it for money, since they don't get paid. I guess it's the warm fuzzy feeling that other people are using something you created.

I am into the process because it's not THAT much more work to share modifications than it is to make them for my own use. I bought the Harbormaster set in order to make more buildings with a variety of textures -- the Thoumont's set is great, but it's nice to make buildings look at least a little different.

So, I went through the trouble of making a bunch of floor tiles, walls and posts. I've got a LOT of pages of stuff. But, the idea of a kitbash is that it's fairly small - only a couple pages each. So rather than pretend I'll complete a total conversion of the set (I'll leave that to the pros!) I opted to polish up the floor tiles and submit just them as a kitbash.

Here's a sample tile.

Wouldn't you know it - the file I ended up trying to submit is over 40MB, and comcast won't let me email it. Sigh. Time to see if the folks at WorldWorksGames would like me to send it some other way...

[Edit: It turns out I had exported the PDF file as lossless, rather than compressed. I set it to be compressed, and it was reduced to a little over 5MB.]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First KITBASH submitted!

Ok. It's a pretty weak kitbash, but I figured it's about time I try to submit SOMETHING. I've been doing other things, including screwing up my otherwise perfect papercrafting work area, so things have slowed down quite a bit.

What I submitted was my very first attempt at modelling something. I made a simple wooden fence and stone wall.

There's a shot of the fences in action. They're short and they can attach at right angles in 3" sections. I don't think a 6" version is smart - it'll warp too much. I'm also not sold on making anything taller.

It turns out the wall sections I made are the perfect design for tile risers, so I might make some more patterns, like grass and dirt risers in 1" and 2" heights.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoumont's is *DONE*. Time to move on.

I finally brought down my big Thoumont's building and set it up for photos. LEGO minifigs abound, and business is booming at the magic emporium.

Here's the entrance. I used some pieces from The Garden set. I will admit that not all the pieces have been edged...

The guard outside is starting to doze off...

It's a lovely day to spend outside under a... pink... tree... (I need to pick up the Hinterland Forest set!)

Here's a shot of the whole building together.

 OK. Heading into the building... Here's a top down view with the first floor exposed.

Business is booming, as you can see. 

Someone's negotiating the price for a rare giant plastic ant.

With the second floor added...
OK. Who'se the joker that put my table in the water? And where is my guard when I need him?

The third floor turns out to be a secret meeting place for clone troopers... Who knew?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harbormaster plans

Here is sketch of what my first harbor building will look like. I drew it so that I could determine what kind of walls and posts I would need.

Vacation gets in the way!

Well, I had a short vacation break and couldn't do much more than an hours work on my walls... I sketched out a floor plan and picture of what I'm going to make for my Harbormaster building to get an idea of what kinds of posts and walls I really need. (I'll try to scan those in tonight.) I've been going in circles trying to decide how I want to move forward on this.

I started coming up with all kinds of combinations of wall styles so I could plug anything with anything. That was a good exercise to learn the lesson that I really need to keep the posts SIMPLE. I don't want a hundred different types of posts. So, I went with the Thoumont's style of having posts with a wooden interior and stone face exterior that matches the Harbormaster stone style. I still have a set of posts that use the metal beams for the interior, just as a different style.

For the walls, I had to decide how to work the two different interior styles - there's a blue painted wall style and a wood panel style. For now, I'm going to do the following. My first floor exterior will be a full stone wall (from Harbormaster) and the interior will be different blue wall pieces, so I'll have 3" and 6" blue-on-blue walls, and blue-on-stone walls. For posts, I'll likely use the metal beams on this floor.

For the second floor, I decided to start with Thoumont's beam walls as a base, and I'm doing a blue interior and a yellow interior. So, I've got 3" and 6" blue-on-blue, blue-on-yellow, yellow-on-yellow, blue-on-plaster and yellow-on-plaster. All the posts on this floor will be wood. My thought was to use the yellow walls for now as a special second floor room (like a bedroom) instead of the wood panels. I'm not sure my limited skills will let me make good enough walls out of the wood panel textures I have available from the Harbormaster set.

Now that I'm back from vacation, I hope to rattle off the 2nd floor walls windows - I'm hoping I can keep the style of Harbormaster - and finish some interior walls with doors. I've converted a ton of Thoumont's roof pieces to a greenish color and brownish color in an attempt to get some variety, so I'll try one of those on the top.

More to come!