Sunday, March 20, 2011

First KITBASH submitted!

Ok. It's a pretty weak kitbash, but I figured it's about time I try to submit SOMETHING. I've been doing other things, including screwing up my otherwise perfect papercrafting work area, so things have slowed down quite a bit.

What I submitted was my very first attempt at modelling something. I made a simple wooden fence and stone wall.

There's a shot of the fences in action. They're short and they can attach at right angles in 3" sections. I don't think a 6" version is smart - it'll warp too much. I'm also not sold on making anything taller.

It turns out the wall sections I made are the perfect design for tile risers, so I might make some more patterns, like grass and dirt risers in 1" and 2" heights.

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