Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoumont's is *DONE*. Time to move on.

I finally brought down my big Thoumont's building and set it up for photos. LEGO minifigs abound, and business is booming at the magic emporium.

Here's the entrance. I used some pieces from The Garden set. I will admit that not all the pieces have been edged...

The guard outside is starting to doze off...

It's a lovely day to spend outside under a... pink... tree... (I need to pick up the Hinterland Forest set!)

Here's a shot of the whole building together.

 OK. Heading into the building... Here's a top down view with the first floor exposed.

Business is booming, as you can see. 

Someone's negotiating the price for a rare giant plastic ant.

With the second floor added...
OK. Who'se the joker that put my table in the water? And where is my guard when I need him?

The third floor turns out to be a secret meeting place for clone troopers... Who knew?

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