Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vacation gets in the way!

Well, I had a short vacation break and couldn't do much more than an hours work on my walls... I sketched out a floor plan and picture of what I'm going to make for my Harbormaster building to get an idea of what kinds of posts and walls I really need. (I'll try to scan those in tonight.) I've been going in circles trying to decide how I want to move forward on this.

I started coming up with all kinds of combinations of wall styles so I could plug anything with anything. That was a good exercise to learn the lesson that I really need to keep the posts SIMPLE. I don't want a hundred different types of posts. So, I went with the Thoumont's style of having posts with a wooden interior and stone face exterior that matches the Harbormaster stone style. I still have a set of posts that use the metal beams for the interior, just as a different style.

For the walls, I had to decide how to work the two different interior styles - there's a blue painted wall style and a wood panel style. For now, I'm going to do the following. My first floor exterior will be a full stone wall (from Harbormaster) and the interior will be different blue wall pieces, so I'll have 3" and 6" blue-on-blue walls, and blue-on-stone walls. For posts, I'll likely use the metal beams on this floor.

For the second floor, I decided to start with Thoumont's beam walls as a base, and I'm doing a blue interior and a yellow interior. So, I've got 3" and 6" blue-on-blue, blue-on-yellow, yellow-on-yellow, blue-on-plaster and yellow-on-plaster. All the posts on this floor will be wood. My thought was to use the yellow walls for now as a special second floor room (like a bedroom) instead of the wood panels. I'm not sure my limited skills will let me make good enough walls out of the wood panel textures I have available from the Harbormaster set.

Now that I'm back from vacation, I hope to rattle off the 2nd floor walls windows - I'm hoping I can keep the style of Harbormaster - and finish some interior walls with doors. I've converted a ton of Thoumont's roof pieces to a greenish color and brownish color in an attempt to get some variety, so I'll try one of those on the top.

More to come!

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