Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harbormaster TLX Walls kitbash submitted!

I finally got a kitbash packaged up containing some 3" and 6" walls, and posts too.  The idea of the set is to provide at least a first floor set of walls. The second floor can always be done using pieces from Thoumont's. I have another set of walls coming that takes the blue walls of Harbormaster and uses the plaster walls of Thoumont's as a pattern, so they go together nicely. It'll take a while to get that cleaned up for a submission.

I guess there may be some issue with the floors I submitted. WorldWorksGames might not want to be taking submissions which are conversions of their older kits. Oh well, nothing I can do but try to submit them! Since I bought the original set, there's nothing wrong with me using the TLX version I made, at least for my own use.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Blue Moon Inn

My son enjoys putting together his own creations, and I've convinced him to contribute his designs to my blog. This shot here is of "The Blue Moon Inn".

From the creator:
"The Blue Moon Inn is a small, open-air tavern with a first floor and a balcony. It is in the middle of the woods, so hunters, falconers and lumberjacks are common visitors. 'Seaside Ale' is the most popular item served. (It doesn't really come from the seaside, but please don't let that secret out!)"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saving foamcore

My computers have not been functioning well enough for me to make progress on any sets lately. It's been really demotivating... But I've turned a corner and have been gearing up for making a new set. While cutting the foamcore bases for tiles, I had a thought. The 6" tiles have enough space in them to cut out a 3" tile and leave behind a sturdy edge.

I did a test tile, and the results seem pretty good. Though you can clearly feel that the center is hollow, it's sturdy enough to hold props or minis. I think I'll do this with a dozen or so pieces and see how they hold up to some actual use. Here are shots of the front and back of a 6" tile I did this way: