Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harbormaster TLX Walls kitbash submitted!

I finally got a kitbash packaged up containing some 3" and 6" walls, and posts too.  The idea of the set is to provide at least a first floor set of walls. The second floor can always be done using pieces from Thoumont's. I have another set of walls coming that takes the blue walls of Harbormaster and uses the plaster walls of Thoumont's as a pattern, so they go together nicely. It'll take a while to get that cleaned up for a submission.

I guess there may be some issue with the floors I submitted. WorldWorksGames might not want to be taking submissions which are conversions of their older kits. Oh well, nothing I can do but try to submit them! Since I bought the original set, there's nothing wrong with me using the TLX version I made, at least for my own use.

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