Monday, June 27, 2011

Harbormaster Layout Plans

I started tinkering with the TerrainlinX Planner to see what I might want to do with my random Harbormaster pieces I've created. Having a pile of half-finished walls and posts isn't any fun, so making some plans so I have a goal hopefully will get some pieces finished off.

Now, the planner doesn't have my modified tiles, so I'm using textures from the Thoumont's set for the floors. Surrounding the building are tiles from the Himmelveil Streets and Himmelveil Harbor sets. Those tiles are all printed out, but I have a lot of assembly to do...

On the first floor, I expect to pull in lots of crates and barrels, and the counter from the Thoumont's set. That'll fill the 6"x6" room. There's a back door leading out to the pier where shipments will come in.

The stairs lead into a small storage area in front of the bedroom. I'll find some props to fill in here. Then in the back room there are more stairs heading up. I'll find a way to work in the original Harbormaster props like work desks and stuff. It'd be kinda fun to see if I can't get a fireplace in this room and work the chimney up through the roof system.

The third floor is really just a platform leading out onto a deck area overlooking the harbor. I don't think the areas under the roof will be used for anything in particular.

The remainder of the layers are just infrastructure stuff:

I think I have most of the floor tiles completed, and I think the walls are at least cut if not already glued. It's been so long since I worked on this that I need to do an inventory and move on from there. But the upper floors will be all Thoumont's. I did make some custom walls that took the plaster-and-beam walls of Thoumont's and redid the plaster sections in blue and in yellow so they matched the first floor a little better. I guess I'll find out if it "works" by building it!

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