Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Tavern and Tower

Here's another simple plan for some TLX buildings. I toyed with a sewer level, but I don't have any plans in the near future to build a sewer set (I'm working on streets and canals right now...) so perhaps the underground level will be done with Lost Halls pieces.

The first level shows the footprint of the buildings. The tavern is represented by the two upper structures. The tower is in the lower right. The small section of tavern on the right should contain bales, barrels, bags... whatever. Make it a store room. The door to the outside would be locked. There are stairs leading up to the second floor of the tavern. There is a trap door leading down to more fun, but it should be hidden by stuff.

On the second floor, there is more seating for general carousing. I tried to put a balcony area there - I've never made one before. What I don't know is whether I'll be able to make railings to go around the balcony or not. Seems dangerous to be selling ale and not have railings on the balcony... Well, I guess the worst case is I'll be able to make a custom railing.

The tower continues to climb. I will probably use the tower for some evil guy to inhabit - keeping watch on the area from the upper floors.

The tower keeps going up... When will it stop? I guess when you run out of TLX tiles! I didn't indicate it in the image, but I'll probably build this with a 4-way post in the center of every level. The tavern gets it's trusses. The wall behind the balcony will need a connector to make it double-height.

I wonder what will be waiting at the top...

Ok. That's far enough. Time to cap off the tower.

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