Monday, July 11, 2011

Additional Thoumont's Plans

The promo shots of the TLX version of Thoumont's has a neat building I want to try making sometime. I decided to whip up a TLX Planner file that attempts to capture the structure of the building. Here's what I came up with:

The first floor of the building is divided into two sections - plenty of room for some tables, storage, etc. I might rethink the first floor to be a little more imaginative. See that little alcove on the left? I might change the floor tile to be the grey stone floor, and put a wall with a door on it, and make that a storage room.

The second floor has plenty o' space for having maybe a stage for performances or something. One major thing that's lacking here is stairs up to the third level. I need to think more about that. I'm seriously thinking of kitbashing a 3"x3" tile with a slot cut out for stairs, so I could make a sort of spiral staircase sort of thing. I always find myself fighting with how to arrange the stairs.

The third level has a neat deck area. It would stink to not be able to access this! The remaining levels are all infrastructure for the roof pieces.

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