Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modifying the TLX Planner

I requested a feature of the TLX planner software on the WWG forums. I wanted to be able to add monsters or props to the scenes. Some kind member claimed it was possible, and actually quite easy to add your own .tlx files.

So that's just what I did.


Sorry if it's hard to see from the picture, but the letters on the left are from a .tlx file I created called "Monsters: Normal Size"  It contains markers for every letter in the alphabet, and the marker is one 1" square large. To use them, I created a new layer on top of my map, and set transparency to "100%". It's on this new layer that I added the monster tokens.

This has its pros and cons.

One nice thing about doing this is that the monster tokens are always on top of the tiles. If I didn't do this, then any tile I add AFTER adding a monster token will be ON TOP of the monster token.

One negative aspect to this is that I have to set transparency of ALL layers to "100%", making it harder to do the actual planning. It also means that I wouldn't be able to see the tile layer above or below the layer I'm editing.

I think for now the negative is not a big deal. I can temporarily adjust transparencies to create my images, and I can slide layers up or down if I really need to see them. In any case, it proves that I can kind of be done.

I'm going to take a stab at modifying the markers to include monster tokens. This might be more what I'm looking for. It doesn't look like I can just add new .wwz files like I can .tlx files though.

EDIT: It's great to know I can make .tlx files, but it turns out I can easily add to an existing .wwz file. Adding the markers to generic_markers.wwz was trivial, and works out much nicer - the tokens will always be ON TOP of the tiles, and it will display the whole set of markers in a much more compact fashion. No more fiddling with transparencies, and no more fiddling with extra layers!

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