Friday, August 19, 2011

Time out, pt 2

Well, I was able to finish gluing the remainder of the 6" tiles, and I got the office space a little more organized. Sadly, I went to take a look at the Harbormaster walls I was working on the other night, and apparently the file got corrupted. It only opens the first six layers, which means I've lost most of the work I've done. Gah.

I might have a backup recent enough to make me feel a little better, but as it stands, it feels like a big setback.

Time out

I'm still churning out tiles, but I'm slowing down considerably. The release of TerraClips has been a little bit demoralizing for me. I've put in a lot of time making TLX tiles, and I feel like TerraClips might stand to cannibalize the resources WWG has for making new stuff. There are still plenty of sets I haven't made yet - Hinterland Cliffs, Oubliette of Peril, Lair of the Dragon God... And even with the sets I have, there's a bunch of things I never got around to building - proper stairs for Thoumont's and The Garden, railings for the Lost Halls, and a bunch of Hinterland Forest props. But my motivation is lacking lately, so I'm slowing down.

I'm trying to finish off a large run of tiles. I went and printed, cut and edged about 50 6" tiles from the Himmelveil Streets and Himmelveil Canals sets. I cut the tile mounts out and am working on the gluing. None of the tiles have tabs, so I haven't tried to make any posts or walls yet. I'll see what I feel like doing once the tiles are all squared away. Part of what is slowing me down is the mess I've created in my office. There are tile and wall bits EVERYWHERE.

I think my plan of attack is this - first I'll finish off the 6" tiles that I've got prepped.

After that, I'm going to clean up the office. It is a little overwhelming when everything is all over the place, and I'm sure it's driving my wife nuts.

Following that, I will focus on finishing my TLX Harbormaster building. That entails another pass at the wall textures (I've been adding some grime textures that help out, I think). My Harbormaster building has a first floor, and I'll start building walls for a second floor. Then, I need to really think of how to transfer the non-TLX roof onto my building. I think I lose a lot of character from the original set if I don't use the original roof somehow.

I won't plan any farther ahead than that. Maybe after that I'll be ready for another break, which would give me the chance to go back and edge some of the posts I haven't gotten to yet, or repair some more tiles.