Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roll Arena Kitbash! Liar's Cards!

Of course having the Roll Arena completed isn't enough. I wanted to come up with some cards that would complement the set, with some rules for a simple game. Here's what the cards came out looking like:

I made new card backs using the wooden texture from the box. On the card faces, I stretched the scroll across the entire card face and put the card value in the center. I think they came out pretty nice. They're pretty much ready for a kitbash packaging - I'd have to do one more sheet of cards since I left off the cards with the shield, sword and dove -- I had no use for them in the game I'm planning.

Once I get a pile of cards done (I'm thinking I'll need at least 45 cards) I'll try out the game with the kids. If it works, I'll put up the rules!

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