Saturday, September 3, 2011

Roll Arena

The folks at WorldWorksGames released something called the "Roll Arena" - it's a game aid that gives you a place to roll your dice, store your dice, store game cards (it comes with some card templates too) and has special "wheels" you can add to the rolling area that give targets for your dice. It's really neater than it sounds...

Anyway, I scooped it up, and built one today. The geometry is great. I think the end result, even with my wonky mistakes, looks pretty darn classy.

The card drawer features three card trays. There are dice trays on the sides.

I'd like to build at least one more, and I'd like to try some things differently this time. For starters, I'd like to make sure I build the trays FIRST. The provided instructions don't build the trays until the box is assembled. Well, it turns out I was off by ONE MILLIMETER on one of the tray openings, and that's enough to make the tray really hard to use. Had I built the trays first, I'd have laid them on the base when gluing the other pieces down, ensuring that there's enough room for them.

Another thing -- the card tray often goes in a little skewed, so when it gets to the back of the box, it snags on corners of things. I think a simple cardstock guide on both sides of the tray would fix this.

When I put the sides of the top layer together, I didn't have anything that I could use to make sure I was lining things up vertically. There's one side piece that sticks out a tiny bit. It's hardly a big deal, but my OCD makes me focus on these things.

Lastly, the top base plate is made of two halves that you need to hold together. The instructions recommend "matboard or cereal box board" but I didn't have any. I used a single sheet of cardstock. In the future, I'll try to use at least two layers of cardstock under it, not just one.

When I made the wheels that go in the rolling area, I had two layers of cardstock between two wheels, so it's four layers of cardstock altogether, and it feels nice and sturdy.

I'm really glad I picked this up. If nothing else, it's attractive storage for some game stuff, and it really feels good to have put it together.

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