Monday, November 7, 2011

Time out, pt 3

The end is finally in sight. October turned out to be a crazy month with family activities, and tough deadlines at work. At some point, I even pulled a muscle in my back which really messed me up for a while...

We celebrated my in-laws 50th anniversary. Part of my responsibility was making invitations and designing some boxes to house centerpieces. It felt rewarding to be able to put my cardstock skills to good use. It turned out to be more work than I had thought, but both projects turned out really well.

Halloween came and went, and as a fun project, I pulled down some Halloween clip art and made some robocutter files for them. We ended up with ghosts, witches and other spooky table decorations, some bats for the windows and larger bats to hang from the ceiling. I love having the robocutter!

I've got a pile of unfinished things sitting on the keyboard tray under my desk. I finally got around to finishing the big rock head that comes in the Hinterland Forest set, and I've been slowly gathering some standees to use in actual game sessions. I hope to download and make a bunch more - they really are so much nicer than little cardboard circles with letters on them.

Now that October has passed, I'm hoping to get back into a couple projects. For starters, I revisited my fencing system. I cleaned up the geometry, and have been working on making it work better in 6" segments in addition to the 3" segments I already have. That's coming along nicely. I also tweaked it so I can link multiple segments together, allowing for a more free-form layout of fences.  I need to touch up the stone files a little bit, then I need to totally redo the wood fences. After that, I might try an often requested white-washed fence.

I REALLY want to get back to finishing the darn Harbormaster walls. I was so close before I lost all my work, but I'm that much wiser about how to go about making them, that I think I can do an OK job.

And of course, my birthday and Christmas are coming. I'm hoping to install a continuous ink system, making it cheaper to print so much stuff out. Then I'll go crazy and start up a number of new sets. Finally I'll get some cliffs! And the new Feisty Friar set should be out by then, which looks to be a lot of fun.

More to come!