Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Roundup

Another Christmas has come and gone. After a nice quiet morning with the wife and kids, we spent the 25th at my in-laws' place. Lots of good food and just good natured hanging out. The kids always have a blast getting together with their cousins. The next day we went to my parents house to round out the celebrating.

But what does this have to do with Paper Dungeon? Well, one of the gifts I received this year was a continuous ink system for my printer! This has the potential for great savings when printing out all of the stuff I purchased this year. Dave Graffam had a *great* sale on his building bundle so now I have a HUGE pile of buildings to make. WorldWorksGames had a *great* sale on their entire catalog, so now I have a HUGE pile of tile sets to build. And of course, there's a backlog of paper standees I've been waiting to build!

Setting up the ink system turned out to be really easy. Of course, something always goes wrong, and I managed to make a mess of the ink while installing the system. If you follow the instructions correctly, it should be a fairly simple *and clean* process. I took the rubber stoppers off of the ink tanks, allowing the ink to flow freely. You're supposed to do this AFTER you've installed the ink cartridges, not BEFORE. Blech. Anyway, I immediately was able to do some test photo prints, and they look great! So, I'm hoping to fill up a couple reams of cardstock with great projects, and then slowly work my way through them with the ol' robocutter!

In theory this means more posts, more often! Yeah, right. We'll see!

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