Friday, December 30, 2011

The Maiden - Day 3

After some encouraging words from the WorldWorksGames forums, I pushed on with the building. After finishing up the few remaining details on the hull, I tackled the stern castle. This went together quickly, with only two minor hiccups... For starters, there's a door that I opted to cut open. Unfortunately, I hinged it on the wrong side! I reprinted that piece and didn't repeat that mistake. After that, I installed the roof support pieces. I had just installed seven of the eight, and discovered they were all upside-down. I think it would have been OK to leave it that way, but the glue hadn't totally set on them, so I was able to peel them off and re-glue them in the right orientation.

Here's the finished stern castle:

This is what it looks like from the front, with the roof piece placed on it:

Well, the evening was still young, so I started on the forecastle. It too went together pretty quickly. I mean, "quickly" is a relative term. What with all the little railing cutouts and the edging, I suppose it wasn't THAT quick. This time, only one mistake! The roof supports again... This time, I spray-glued the tabs together that are, well, not supposed to be glued together... No fixing that - I printed out another sheet and tried again.

Well, the evening isn't young anymore. Here's where I'm at:

So, it's clear now I can't continue on without transparencies. I decided not to use them for all the windows, but I need to print the ratlines (is that what they're called?) on something!

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