Monday, December 5, 2011

Odds and ends

I'm still waiting for the holiday season to pass. The end of the year is tough, because I have to hold back on buying anything until after my Birthday and Christmas are over... Well, the good folks at WorldWorksGames put their inventory on sale, so I *did* make some advanced purchases... but I'm still holding back on printing or building anything until after the gifts have been exchanged!

I can't seem to keep the home office cleaned, and papercrafting doesn't help. I went through and organized all of my pieces and put together a stack of old tiles that need repairing. I noticed all of the stairs I've built have warped quite a bit. I took some scrap foamcore and cut them to fit along the inside walls of the steps. They've really improved the stairs a lot. Not only are they not warped at all, but the extra weight really helps them sit in place. I'll make this a standard part of my stair building in the future!

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