Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breaking out of a funk

I have to admit, things were going so well with the Maiden and with the Dave Graffam buildings... But, I had two setbacks. The thing with the Maiden's transparencies really bums me out. I blew $30 ordering the transparency sheets just to get the ratlines looking nice, and... well... they aren't working out. Not sure what I'm going to do. With the Dave Graffam buildings - they look great! But, I'm a WorldWorksGames TLX tile user. I really wish I had thought ahead enough to put the buildings onto TLX tiles, or at least come up with a way that they could be used with different TLX tiles.

So, between those two things, I managed to totally get out of the groove of papercrafting, and I filled all my time playing Minecraft. What a time sink! BEWARE! :)

Well, no more! The best way I had for getting back into things is changing gears a bit. I had a small stack of printouts from the WorldWorksGames Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings: Treasures and Tombs set, so even as I type this, my Silhouette SD is cutting out little props and new tiles to make. I scored a ton of markers and foamcore on sale recently, so I'm excited to get building!

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