Monday, January 2, 2012

Building Buildings

I put in an order for transparencies, and until they arrive, there's not much more I can do on the Maiden build. I decided to pick up some short-term projects that will yield more immediate gratification.

Dave Graffam has a cool set of buildings - they're mostly scenery rather than models to actually play in, but they are really well textured and are fun and rewarding to put together. I picked up his fantasy building bundle during an end-of-year sale, and now I have more buildings than I know what to do with! Well, I have the plans to build them - I need to get to work! Here are some of the buildings I already had made:

I started with a Guild Hall build because it's a really simple model. I think it took longer to pick out the textures and print than it did to cut and assemble! Many of Dave's models come with lots of texture options so you can have brick, stone or wood walls, or different types of roof tiles etc.

After the Guild Hall was done, I printed out three of his ready-to-print versions of the Mermaid Tavern. I might just build one to start with (rather than all three at once) but I thought they'd look nice along with the Maiden when she's done.

Today is the last day of vacation, and I've got a bunch of chores I really should take care of before going back to work, so maybe I won't get much more done in the next few days. But, I'll try to do one of Dave's buildings each week, at least. They're easy enough to assemble that I should be able to work on them along with other projects.

Update! I ended up starting all three buildings, but only finished one building (without an outhouse...)

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