Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little here, a little there

So, vacation has ended and work has taken over once again. It's funny how I can disappear from the office for over a week, and when I get back, there's over a week's worth of work waiting for me! Well, I am thankful I have a job so I will not be caught complaining about having too much work to do.

I have been papercrafting, though. It's just that sometimes your hobby takes you in directions you didn't intend. My wife has started a floral business, and of course when there's printing involved, she calls me in. Yesterday, I printed up a couple dozen business cards onto the heavy cardstock I usually use for terrain and buildings. It's still not as heavy as a business card, but hey - it's cheap! That being said, if I'm going to get stuck making business cards instead of fantasy buildings and stuff, I'm going to make it interesting! I took some jewel-toned coverstock that we had lying around and I spray-glued it to the back of a printout of business cards. I fed that through the robocutter, and then ran over the cuts manually with the craft knife. The results were pretty darn nice!

This evening, my wife asked me to make up some larger cards with some fancy graphics from a free template she got online. They matched up with one of the colors of coverstock we had, so we opted to do the ol' double-layer thing again. This time, I tried pre-cutting the second layer with the robocutter in the hopes that I'd avoid manual cutting. Well, it turned out to be WAY more work lining up each back to glue to each front than it was to trace the cuts from the robocutter. Live and learn! In any case, she's now got another stack of really nice cards to hand out to potential customers.

While the robocutter was doing its thing, I made sure to get a little 'me' time in with papercrafting. I managed to get all of the pieces for the 2nd Mermaid Tavern cut out, though not all the pieces have been scored and none have been edged. Tomorrow night... More tomorrow night... A little here, and a little there, and it will all get done!

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