Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maiden: 1. Mike: 0.

The Maiden is officially kicking my butt. I'm trying to finish up the masts, and I am having a devil of a time getting the transparencies to stay glued down, and they don't seem to latch onto the ledges the way they're intended. Even with the magic little "extension" pieces, they only barely cling to the ledges (there's certainly no tension as implied by the instructions) and they kind of pull off to one side or the other. Blech. Demoralizing. I was really hoping to get the masts done tonight, but I don't want to work on this stuff while feeling like this - it's a recipe for disaster!

Here are some shots of what's giving me trouble:

These transparencies should hook under that ledge, but the sterncastle wall is getting in the way!

I don't even know if I've glued these things in correctly.

I'm going to pack up the stuff to clear out for an upcoming poker night, but hopefully this weekend will see the Maiden set sail...

On a more positive note, Staples had a sale on a couple items, so I now have a LOT of extra foamboard and a LOT of extra black pens for edging! Once the Maiden is done, I'm moving on to some TLX pieces for more terrain!

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