Saturday, February 25, 2012

CIS Saga

Ok. So, the print head is working now - Canon delivered a new one pretty quickly, and I've been able to get good prints once again. But, I noticed that the ink levels were actually starting to get low, so I ordered two full sets of ink containers from the company that sold the continuous ink system. The box finally arrived the other day. I cracked open the box and pulled out the first zip-lock plastic bag. It had five bottles of ink in it. Super. Then I moved more of the packing peanuts away, and here's what the second bag looked like:

Blech. One (or more) of the ink bottles leaked in the bag. I haven't opened the bag yet. It turns out the company's support lines are available Monday through Thursday, 9-5. Wouldn't you know, I found out about the leaking ink at 6pm on Thursday. I used their website to let them know that the package arrived, and one bag had blue ink all over it. I left my email address and phone number.

The next day, I got an email with a tracking number. There's no information about WHAT they are sending me. I'm hoping they're sending a whole replacement set of ink -- I don't actually know if it's just the blue ink that's leaking, and I don't want to even open the bag until I find out whether they want the bag back or not. So far, I haven't really seen a savings on this ink system. It's been a pain in the butt. I'm left worrying about the fact that I've had a print head clog once already (and they are NOT cheap to replace), and even though my data points are limited, the reliability of having ink shipped isn't looking great... Only time will tell.

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