Monday, February 27, 2012

Continuous ink status report

Ok. The CIS guys sent me another cryptic email today instructing me to call them. No information about what, just "Hi, please call customer service". A little odd, but OK. I called them, and they seemed surprised I was calling, but they did clear up that the package being sent was a full set of replacement ink.

While I had their ear, I asked about the print head issue. Their technical guy ended up calling me back and had me walk him through what I've experienced. He seems to think it's probably *not* the print head, but possibly an ink flow issue. He gave me some simple things to try out tonight, so when I get home from work, I'll lay down some paper towels and see if the cyan cartridge has just run dry, or if it's clogged.

I will say that it's a good sign that they had someone knowledgeable call back with what sounded like totally valid ideas about what's going on. That *isn't* the kind of support you get from big companies. I'm staying cautiously optimistic about the process.

UPDATE:  I got home and tried his suggestions. I am at a loss for what is going on. I mean, it LOOKS like the cyan (and yellow) cartridges were not filled very much, which was a guess he had. His suggestion was to use the provided tools to "purge" the cartridge - draw ink through it to fill it up. I did that, but it hasn't helped the problem any. I will have to try to email him and see if I can walk through things on the phone with him.

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