Monday, February 20, 2012

Game on!

I'll admit that recent setbacks slowed me down. I had issues with the printer's print head, but that's been resolved. Sadly, the ink reservoirs for some of the ink are running low, but I've put in an order for more ink. There's a HUGE stack of printed cardstock for the Hinterland Cliffs set, but the print quality is so bad, I don't want to use any of it! Ugh. My desk space has become a shrine to failed papercrafting.

Time for a change!

I dug through my old printouts and found some pieces from the Vault of the Ancients and Treasures and Tombs sets, and ran them through the robocutter. Slowly, I worked my way through the pieces, and finished off a pile of little things that helped get me back into the game:

What you see here are just a couple things that I've finished off. There's a pile of dwarf standees. I finished five little tiles, and have a couple more along the way. I've got seven sarcophagi, eight lecterns, four large pillars, and a bunch of new walls. Oh, and I now have a slew of barrels too!

Props turn out to be a great way to keep in the papercrafting groove. They tend to be quick to put together and add interest to sets!

I'm anxiously awaiting the ink. I plan on getting more tiles underway soon.

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