Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A printing breakthrough!

Following the instructions from the ink guys, I popped out the ink carts and looked at how much ink was in there. There were three carts that did not have much ink in them at all. I was told they should at least look about 1/2 full. Anything less is probably a bad sign. I went and purged the blue, yellow and black carts. It turns out, "purge" refers to the removal of the air, I guess, not the ink. What you're doing is drawing ink into the carts. After doing all three, my printouts are MUCH better. At least the color is right. There's still some banding in the printouts, but not enough for me to want to give up on the whole system. I'm hoping that a print head cleaning will help things a little.

I sent an email to the ink guys letting them know the progress, and asked a couple more questions. I think I will need to pick up some ink refill tools and probably some more purge tools. Hopefully, they can help me so this isn't a recurring issue.

I might as well go and give these guys a plug. The company is inkproducts.com. They're based out of Florida, which is convenient for me. They were responsive and seemed genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of the issue.

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