Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cliff update

Over the last couple of days, I've cut (well, with the help of the robo cutter!) edged and glued four or five pages of anchors, primarily so I can get some tiles ready for the cliffs. I did enough to feel comfortable moving onto making some posts.

Last night, I cut, edged and glued up 18 regular posts in the 2-, 3- and 4-way varieties. Also finished were 12 of the regular walls. I did a test print and cut of my kitbashed Lost Halls entrance wall, and it was almost perfect! I was afraid I wasn't going to like how the stones blended together, but frankly when printed out, it looks good enough for me. There is a minor goof in the way the wall textures go set up, but it should be easy to correct. I have to do it, though, before I forget and print another one!

Today, I've assembled my first set of cliffs. I'm always pleased with the assembly of the stuff WorldWorksGames produces - they have clever solutions to structural issues, and the end result always feels solid. Now, I'm letting my cutter prep some double-height posts, before I move onto the other types of cliffs.

The printer and cutter have both been performing REALLY well lately. I kind of don't want to slow down for fear that something will be broken the next time I start working!

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