Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hinterland Ruins kitbash

Hot on the heals of the Hinterland Waterfront kitbash, I whipped up a couple more tiles. The first was simply a tile that let the path blend into the grass.

Someone on the WorldWorksGames forums requested this as a hallway tile, so I made a narrow one as well.

I also took the grass tile and blended into it some Himmelveil Streets:

That's the effect I was going for - I spent a bunch of time trying to round off the bricks to make them look more warn, and I wanted a LOT of grass. The hope was for this tile to be showing some really OLD ruins. People on the forum wanted to see more street showing through, so I did this:

It's hard to gauge what people were hoping for. I'm not sure if it's the right level of street-to-grass ratio. It's easy enough to play with. One comment on this was to have more grass showing between the stones. I think that will be easy to do if I layered on a gridless grass tile. I had used a gridded tile, which meant the *dirt* of the grass tile's grid lines lined up where I wanted grass instead. Anyway, something to play with.

Another request was to make a series of Himmelveil tiles that had grass peeking through. I got a pretty good list of the subset of desired tiles, so I'll try that too.

Lastly, I thought this tile would be particularly useful for adventure hooks:

Who wouldn't want to stumble onto a grate out among the ruins? What's under there? A sewer system? A passageway into a dungeon? Just a big old pile of gold? Who knows!

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