Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitbash Ideas

Normally I just email myself with some ideas, but I'm starting to lose track of those ideas. So, now I'm going to post them here, and tag them with "kitbash ideas." Hopefully that will help me. If I complete a kitbash, I'll edit the post with a link to the post where it's displayed.

So, here are some more kitbash ideas:

  1. Curved walls for Himmelveil Streets.
    Specifically, I'd like to try out curved walls that span 6" and 3" tiles.
  2. Curved walls for Thoumonts.
    I think maybe just plaster walls to start with. Not sure what to do with the windows - maybe omit them on the curved walls? Also, I think just the plaster walls? I don't know. I'll have to play a little. Another alternative might be angled walls rather than curved walls, like making octagonal sides?
  3. Floor tiles to go with curved walls.
    This would include 1/2 circle tiles, 1/4 tiles for 6" floors, 1/4 tiles for 3" floors, and maybe 3/4 tiles for them too.
    UPDATE: I made a Himmelveil Streets rounded tile. I think it's coming along well, and will try some other ideas.
  4. A curved stairway? And a floor to complement it?
    Not sure if I can pull this off, but I'd like it if I could make a 1" wide stairway to go along the curved walls. With that, I'd like it if I could make a 1/2 circle tile with a section cut out for the stairs below.
  5. Wide river tiles for Hinterland Forest.
    I'd like river tiles that are at least 2" wide, maybe 3" wide. I was looking at a water mill building from Fat Dragon Games, and it gave me the idea for wider river sections. Of course, I think I'd only do wide straight rivers (maybe 2 types to include some with big rocks in em), a river bend, and a transition tile between the wide and the narrow river. Four tiles isn't so bad.
    UPDATE: I think the wide river tiles idea is a bust.
  6.  A 6" half-hex tile for Thoumont's
    I think this warrants hex walls like kinda mentioned in #2. The walls should have a little anti-warp ledge for the tile to rest on. To this, I'd like a railing system that would let me construct wood-beam railings that wrap around the half-hex tile. I think making this three pieces that plug into each side of the hex tile would be interesting. They should each have anti-warp ledges along the tops, possibly allowing another floor on top of it to rest comfortably. I think making 3" and 6" versions as well would be a nice kitbash. Then I'll need a half-hex roof cap. I think this will fit into the normal roof system pieces.

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