Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitbash Ideas

Another idea hit me - slopes for Hinterland Cliffs. Rather than having the cliffs shoot straight up, and rather than having stairs, I wonder if I could cut the walls at a slope, and retool the supports on the wall to support the same tiles. Then again, I'm sure there's some geometry issues I'll run into between the bends in the wall and the bends in the tile, since they won't line up anymore...

OK. Another thought - a terraced hillside piece? Take a wall, cut it up to make steps going down... Then dice up a floor tile so it fits on top. Use cliff wall textures to make the faces of the "steps"? Or even stone textures from Thoumont's? Of course, what other pieces will I need to make for this? I'll need to doodle some.

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