Sunday, March 11, 2012

Space Vehicles

I pulled off some posts for the cliffs set, and I spent some time just arranging stuff in my office. The place has been a mess for so long, with tiles strewn about. I also changed things up a little bit, and put together some spacecraft designed by Chris Roe (aka Mel Ebbles). I don't remember where I got the patterns, and they're now available via the WorldWorksGames storefront, so I'll probably buy them from there just to be on the level.

Here's a shot of a ship called the Crotale:

It's such a cool looking ship! And pretty easy to build. I imagine I'll build some more of these. They are sweet!

After this, I built the Onager:

Oof. What a lousy photo. It's the curse of using a cell phone as a camera. Well, the Onager took even less time than the Crotale. LOVE these vehicles!

Lastly, I built a Trilateral Suppressor:
Ok. This is just plain cool. I thought it'd be a pain in the butt putting the little legs together, or that they wouldn't come out even or something. It worked out better than fine.

These are the smaller ships - the ones I thought I could do while the kids were around. I'm excited to now start some of the larger ships, and surprise the kids with them when they're done.

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