Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Maiden is almost ready to set sail!

I finally brought The Maiden down off the shelf to see what I could do about getting it completed. Today I finished the ratlines and most of the sails, and the rest of the pieces are printed out. I'm hoping by next weekend to have the whole thing DONE!

Here's a shot of the ship as it is right now:

I've got a bunch of standees on the ship - it looks great! I haven't added any bend to the sails yet, but it still looks good to me. Earlier, I had some trouble with the ratlines. I decided to just get it done and not care about how well they lined up with the ratline extensions. It turns out, they are pretty OK. Here are some close-ups of the ratline extensions installed:

The larger extension meant for the front of the ship turned out to be too long, but I was able to carefully trim it down after I had installed them, and now they work great. The ledges in the rear have the tiny extension on them, and they seem ok. They are a little fiddly, but I think they hold well enough to (a) snap photos, and (b) hold on while people make their initial impression of the build. :)

Just a couple of sails to go (and they are quick to build!), then all the little details are next!

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