Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting some use out of old sets

A while back I picked up the WorldWorksGames set Interiors: Castles & Keeps, using it only for the props. I wanted to see if I could get more use out of it, so I'm going to try to kitbash some TLX walls from the set. I have never seen them printed, so I don't know whether they'll look at all good. But, I think there's enough texture there to make some simple dungeon walls. Here's a sample of a 6" wall. I've prepped the 6" wall and 6" wall with torches. I think I will try to make a 6" with doorway, 3", 3" with torches, and 3" doorway.

Oh, and I'll make posts too, using the end flaps off of the walls. They'll look like the ledge for the anti-warp wall in the picture above.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Progress on my standee bases

Here are some shots of what I did this evening. To recap what led up to this... I created a sheet of 15mm bases using textures from several WorldWorksGames tiles: Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Hinterland Forest, The Garden, The Maiden and Himmelveil Streets. I kinda wish I threw a couple Thoumont's floors in there too. Anyway, I made a cut file for it, so my robo cutter dutifully (and remarkably accurately) sliced out the pieces. I've found it's easier to edge the pieces if I cut the flaps off completely. Then I can spray glue the flaps, fold in the edges and assemble the pieces.

Well, you can fit 60 little 15mm bases on one sheet. There are two flaps and the base piece, so that's 180 little pieces to edge. YAWN! Well, I brought them into work and edged while waiting for my computer to catch up to me:

I tell you what - it may not LOOK like a lot of pieces, but it's a LOT OF PIECES.

So, this evening. I set up my gluing station and laid out the flaps:

Yeah. My gluing station consists of a large piece of cardboard with a catalog sitting on it. I spray glue my pieces and then turn the page in the catalog, giving me a fresh surface to work on.

Here's a shot in progress:

And, here's the completed pile:

Sadly, the spray glue isn't holding all the pieces. I burnished them pretty well, too. It might be that I didn't spray them well enough (I was trying to keep them from blowing over) or maybe some of the glue dried too much before I assembled them. Maybe I'm just running at the end of the spray glue can. I dunno, but a couple ended up like this:

Poopers! I will touch these up with some good ol' white glue.

UPDATE: In the morning I saw that *most* were ungluing. I'm going to have to reglue them with white glue or else give up on the 15mm bases. :(

Pics or it didn't happen

Ok. I started this blog with the intentions of posting lots of pics. Here are some of the young dragons I colored up recently!

These are young dragons I found on the cardboard warriors forum. Well, the white one was from there. The rest I recolored. They're by Jabbro Jones Miniatures, and a full range of dragons are available for purchase through places like DriveThruRPG.

I'll update this with a shot of the elder dragons too.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stands for standees

I posted a pic from when I was at about 100 standees, and each little guy (or girl, or whatever) was standing up using some scrap foamcore with a groove cut out of it. Well, I've been working on proper bases for the standees, using the patterns available at It's been a lot of work so far. I think the 25mm and 30mm bases have been OK, but tonight I tried to make up a sheet of 15mm bases for the smaller critters, and I noticed that the blank template was larger than the textured bases from the website. So, I crafted my own sheets, and made cutfiles for them too. Thank god for the robo cutter!

Here's a shot of some people with their new bases:

The cardboard warrior forums had a posting about how to modify the bases a little (basically fold some flaps around) to make the bases really flat. It's going to require that I slice down the tabs at the bottom of the standees, and score them so they can fold properly into the bases. Still, I think they look a lot nicer than when stuffed into foamcore.

So, now I've got MORE work to do. I want to make full sheets of 25mm bases for the WorldWorksGames tiles - Hinterland Forest, Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Thoumont's, The Maiden, The Garden... I won't bother with the other sets, since I haven't started building them yet! Then, I need to make some BIG bases for some dragons I've done up. I took the freely available dragons (one young, and one elder) and adjusted the colors on them, so I have green, red, blue and black dragons. I had extra room with the young ones, so I did a white and a purple dragon too. The elder dragons are around 70mm I think, and the largest base I have a template for is 50mm.

There's a small chance that I'll be motivated enough to get back into finishing some terrain projects once some more bases are complete...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

Life has a habit of getting in the way of hobbies. I took some down-time after being hit by some bug that wiped me out for over a week. After that, I just couldn't settle into a project. I distracted myself with online games, and recently remodeled a bathroom. Well, no more!

Yesterday I dusted off my printer and went to work making some more standees. I love the little fellas. Still working my way through the freely available sets made by someone under the name Dryw the Harper (registration on the forums might be required), I have been making them robocutter friendly with great success. The Hassassins, Sheep Herders, Farmers, Elementals, Cyclopses and Giants are all complete! There are still about a dozen sets to do!

Recently, I've been cleaning up the elder dragon available from horde #72 off of I did some color adjustments and added a blue, green and black variant, along with robocutter support. The first test cut proved that the colors needed to be lightened, but that the cutter files were spot on. They take time to edge properly, though.

As I work on these, I'll try to clean up my workspace a little and get back into some terrain making. I really want to make some new encounter plans!