Monday, June 18, 2012

Stands for standees

I posted a pic from when I was at about 100 standees, and each little guy (or girl, or whatever) was standing up using some scrap foamcore with a groove cut out of it. Well, I've been working on proper bases for the standees, using the patterns available at It's been a lot of work so far. I think the 25mm and 30mm bases have been OK, but tonight I tried to make up a sheet of 15mm bases for the smaller critters, and I noticed that the blank template was larger than the textured bases from the website. So, I crafted my own sheets, and made cutfiles for them too. Thank god for the robo cutter!

Here's a shot of some people with their new bases:

The cardboard warrior forums had a posting about how to modify the bases a little (basically fold some flaps around) to make the bases really flat. It's going to require that I slice down the tabs at the bottom of the standees, and score them so they can fold properly into the bases. Still, I think they look a lot nicer than when stuffed into foamcore.

So, now I've got MORE work to do. I want to make full sheets of 25mm bases for the WorldWorksGames tiles - Hinterland Forest, Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Thoumont's, The Maiden, The Garden... I won't bother with the other sets, since I haven't started building them yet! Then, I need to make some BIG bases for some dragons I've done up. I took the freely available dragons (one young, and one elder) and adjusted the colors on them, so I have green, red, blue and black dragons. I had extra room with the young ones, so I did a white and a purple dragon too. The elder dragons are around 70mm I think, and the largest base I have a template for is 50mm.

There's a small chance that I'll be motivated enough to get back into finishing some terrain projects once some more bases are complete...

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