Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Castle moat in TLX format, pt 2

Good progress made last night! I built a straight and corner moat piece using the original dimensions so I could measure out the height of the triangular walls. That let me quickly fix the walls I did myself so they are now more like the originals - they slope on both sides, and are the same height as the originals, which should allow the gatehouse drawbridge door to fit correctly, at least vertically.

Here's the originals:

I didn't bother mounting them to foamcore. I just wanted to get a feel for their size. Here's a shot of my 1" grid TLX format pieces:

A couple of things to note. They ARE narrower. By quite a bit. I'll illustrate that with a side-by-side shot of one of the pieces in old and new formats. Also, the corner piece doesn't have a real functional grid in it. I decided I don't care. I don't think the grid inside the moat is really THAT important. What happened is that I tried to keep 2" lined up in the middle of the grid (maybe that was a mistake) and so in the corner, it doesn't allow for the bend to align with 1" squares. I am not sure I'll ever have much happening IN the moat.

Here's that side-by-side comparison:

Much smaller, but it's a true TLX tile. I could consider using a full 6" tile for both the straight and corner pieces, but then I'd have to have some ground texture around the outsides. The narrow pieces seem good enough.

Last thing to do is install some water, and make a couple more of each so I can show it off better.

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