Monday, July 9, 2012

Castle moat in TLX format

Having never actually built the original moat pieces (I really need to stop jumping the gun and actually build what I'm trying to convert!) I tried to convert the CastleWorks Ultimate moat to be TLX compatible. The result?

OK. My office lighting and my cell phone (and my photography skills) don't help here. But, it's a TLX hallway tile with the moat textures applied to it, and I built two triangles for the sides. Now, I think on the original, it's using a tile that is wider than a TLX hallway, so I had to adjust a little. I've got a 20' gap between the walls. Also, out of convenience, I made the walls vertical on the inside, not at a slope. The result is easy to work with, but it might end up making it harder for me to bash up the gate that is supposed to go over this.

It was a quick first attempt. I'll probably build a non-TLX straight moat piece just to get a better feel for the geometry, then I might scale things around on my version so that it's compatible, height-wise. Even without anything else, it'll be kind of cool to have a TLX moat system.

That white piece of paper will be my transparency pattern. I'll print out the water texture onto a 2"x6" strip with little tabs on the sides. Those tabs fit into slots cut out of the sides of the moat. I thought of this after fully assembling the tile, but I'll think ahead on my next piece.

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