Friday, July 6, 2012

Himmelveil Ruins

After sending in the kitbash that contained the Hinterland Forests tile that showed a bit of Himmelveil Streets poking through (here) I started thinking about ruined city walls. There are very few ruined walls in the fantasy lineup, as far as I can tell. So, here's a quick attempt at making some ruined walls for Himmelveil:

I threw some cracks over the bricks, tried to grime up the walls so they weren't so darn bright, and added a little debris at the base of the wall. There are several wall textures in the Himmelveil Streets set, so maybe I'll try a couple. I'm also interested in cutting this wall down into two separate pieces, allowing for some free-floating wall sections to hang off the posts. I'll try to take the wall above and just use cutfiles to break it into two pieces.

EDIT: I have been thinking about the ruins pieces. I like the idea, but I need there to be more than just two broken walls. I think I'm going to try to make broken walls in 3" and 6" formats using two different textures, then I'll think about broken floors. Making the 6" broken floors should be relatively easy (though tedious - I better keep the debris on layers so I can make 1.5" and grid-less tile formats). I had the idea to make a broken bridge - there's a bridge wall that's designed to straddle a hallway tile. I'd like to chop the bridge into two pieces, and make a third piece that would essentially rest on the ground (the broken part). Then I'd like to make a hallway tile that's broken in the middle. Or, maybe it's just a broken 3" tile than I can use on each end. No, I think hallway, since I want to texture it into three pieces.

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