Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TLX Castle Catwalks

With the moat nearing *some* level of conclusion, what's next? I want to tackle something "small" now, so I can have a couple of pieces that go together, before I branch out into something like the drawbridge piece.

I was looking over the Lair of the Dragon God set which I own but have not yet built. It has a system of special columns on which 1" wide catwalk tile pieces can be rested. This would work brilliantly for the top of the castle walls, and they should be really quick to produce.

I will start with only square pieces - no round crenelations in the immediate future... I think I want to build a 12"x12" keep. That should be large enough for me to build up some basic walls that would warrant such a structure.

After that, I think I'll tackle towers. I'd like to create fold-flat versions of the octagonal towers that could also act as posts for TLX walls. Ideally, it would somehow expose an angled wall on the interior, allowing for a door into the tower. I need to do a little math to see what I can come up with. I'd like to avoid non-standard wall sizes, so I'll look at the "short" diagonal wall length.

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