Monday, July 23, 2012

TLX Castle Crenelations

I whipped up some simple crenelations for my TLX castle project. Here's a shot of a couple hand-made pieces:

On the closest and farthest walls, there's simple 6" crenelations. They're the same height as the originals, which I think is too large. I've made smaller ones that I think are more TLX-like.

There they are with their little TLX tabs.

So this picture shows off a converted "medium" complexity crenelation. I don't like it for a couple of reasons. First, it lacks crenelations, which really defeats the purpose. Second, it takes a LOT longer to build than the simple ones. Enough so that I think it's not worth stopping short of the "complex" crenelations. And lastly, well, this:

For all that work, it doesn't really fit well against the wall. Now, this may be due to the way I built it, but if I need a dozen of these things or more, then I'm going to have a bunch that are like this. I could spend some effort improving the geometry so this doesn't happen as much, but I think the simple crenelations are just fine for me.

I hope tonight to finish off a couple more tiles and a couple more posts. It's hard to try out builds when you don't have the infrastructure pieces!

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