Sunday, July 29, 2012

TLX Castle - First Photos of First Floor

Things are slowly coming together. I almost have enough pieces to make the first floor I've been planing. Here's a picture of the layout of the tiles:

I used a couple Thoumont's tiles and a Lost Halls tile in order to mark where the buildings will go. Eventually, I'll be using textures from the CastleWorks set for the buildings - I just haven't gotten there yet.

The whole point of the exercise for laying out the first floor is trying to figure out how many walls or posts I really need, and also to give me a foundation for catwalks and stuff.

Here's a shot with some walls added in:

As I type this, my robo cutter is churning out more 3-way and 4-way posts, and I've already cut out the necessary walls for the corner towers and the back wall. Just one more sheet of anchors for the 6" tiles...

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