Monday, July 30, 2012

TLX Castle - More Photos of First Floor

I snapped a shot of the first floor now that I've got the remaining walls in place. There's still a couple anchors missing from some of the tiles, and I'm working on getting those complete.

I'm looking forward to making the towers! I've settled on a tear-drop shape, which will make it easier for me to wrap catwalks around.

I've kitbashed a 6" catwalk piece, and will be assembling that tonight to see how well it fits in. For this build, I need a lot of 6" pieces, and only a couple 3" pieces, so I'm focusing on the larger ones now. I think I really like my support braces. They can slot into posts when walls are there, too, giving a little extra support when the end wall doesn't have the anti-warp top on it. I have a little fine-tuning to do, but it's certainly adequate as is.

There already was a wood beam texture in the CastleWorks set, so I just adjusted it to fit. I intentionally made the top ledge short (it doesn't rub up against the post) but I might reconsider that.

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