Thursday, July 12, 2012

TLX Castle progress

So, by the time I cleaned up after my karate class this evening, it was already close to 9pm. Not a whole lot of time to do crafting. Thankfully, I was able to keep my robocutter humming the whole time. I hand-cut 20 6" walls, and while I edged and assembled them, my cutter was busy snipping out posts and 3" walls. I was able to finish edging and assembling the 10 plain 6" walls (not the anti-warp ones) and 4 of the 2-way posts. At least that left me with enough to assemble a teeny little building!

Clearly it's the fault of the robocutter software that it didn't realize I was cutting a 4-way post page with a 3-way post cut file... :(  One lost page isn't so bad.

Hopefully I'll be able to snap a picture in the morning. I haven't done any of the tiles yet, so I'll use a Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings base.

Oh, and I assembled another corner moat piece. I really wanted to get some water transparencies done, but that will have to wait.

With the walls and posts wrapping up nicely, what to do next? My thinking is something like this:

  1. Kitbash TLX columns for catwalks, and catwalk tile pieces.
  2. Build some TLX tiles with the different floor types.
  3. Kitbash destroyed TLX tiles.
  4. Kitbash double-height castle walls. This is where things will get interesting, but I think I want to come up with a double-height 6" wall that can act as the drawbridge piece. Still haven't totally worked out how though, but I have some ideas (see below)... This will be a little tedious because it means making double-height posts too.
  5. Kitbash TLX crenelations (like railings)
  6. Kitbash angled TLX walls. I have the posts already, so I might as well.
  7. Start bashing up some interior buildings! I already have the floors, but this means a whole new set of walls and posts, as well as roofing pieces!
Then there's miscellaneous stuff:
  • Kitbash the towers!
  • Kitbash rounded walls, and crenelations
  • Kitbash TLX format stairs
  • Can the hoardings fit on the catwalk? If not, invent a way so that they can
  • Moat water!

So, on the subject of the drawbridge... here's what I'm thinking. Make a double-height wall with the drawbridge. I'd like to make some sliding portcullis too. The drawbridge would be cut out of the wall completely, and adhered to another layer of cardstock so that the outside overlaps the walls a little. I want to attack some rectangular tabs to the end of the drawbridge door. Then, I'll make some round, barrel-like pieces that are glued to the wall, but that the tabs of the door fit into. I want to use this to let the door be able to turn. I might glue the barrel into a box, to make it easier to fasten it to the wall. Moreover, I might try to cut notches out of the wall and affix this box thing so the door is aligned properly. Lastly, I'll make some cardstock attachment to bar the door in place, prevent it from opening.

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