Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TLX Castle - proposed layout

With the walls, posts and soon floors reaching the point where I can start making a larger build for photos, I fired up the TLX planner software and did a mock layout to see what I might need. Here's a first cut at a castle layout:

There's a LOT of moat there, isn't there? I put that in for effect - just used sewer pieces in the layout until I make TLX tiles for my set. I'm not sure how things will play out with the walls - will I find it easier to use single-height walls or double-height walls? Also, the corner tower pieces... I really want to experiment with rounded tiles more so that the layers above will fit nicely.

This layout ends up not being wildly different from the promo build layout I found on the WorldWorksGames forums. This is a good enough starting point for me to at least create a base with which to bounce around ideas on. Without this, everything I'm thinking about is theoretical.

More to come!

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