Thursday, July 12, 2012

TLX Castle Walls

There's a LOT of texture combinations possible, and until I build something, I'm not going to have a good feel for what's right. It'd be cool if I could figure out how to produce layered PDF files so I could make it possible to customize the printouts with wall hangings and what-not. Here are some of the exterior castle walls I've got together so far (all regular height):

3" Walls
6" Walls
6" Destroyed Walls

All are available in "full" stone texture, and "capped" stone texture. All are available with or without arrow slits (what do you call those things? I'm sure they have a name, and I'll learn it eventually). The 3" and 6" walls (not the destroyed walls) have three different types of doors available, and also have options for torches on the walls. The 6" walls have the option of torches on the left and right side, or one in the middle. The 6" walls have doors positioned in the center of the tile, as well as on the left and right side.

See, it'd be great to make a layered PDF. Want a 6" tile with TWO doors? How about arrow slits around the door? One layered PDF would let me do that. Guess I have more research to do before I feel happy about it.

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