Friday, July 6, 2012

WWG claims to be taking kitbash submissions!

It's a bit of "I'll believe it when I see it" but the folks at WorldWorksGames have announced that kitbashes are back! There are a couple of changes to the submission guidelines, so I took some time last night to clean up a couple smaller sets of tiles and submit them. I won't clean up *all* of the sets until I see that something is really happening on their end. One thing I did was take the time to make TLX Planner files for the sets I submitted. It's kind of a nice touch for people who have paid for the planner.

I'm excited, though, to see some kitbashes get accepted - it's the part of the hobby I seem to enjoy the most!

UPDATE: I got some feedback requesting that I make the tiles I'm submitting in 1.5" grid and grid-less versions as well. At first I was annoyed that they'd even ask - it's a good deal of busy work doing this, and I'm not even going to use those formats. But, I did a grid-less set of my shoreline pieces, and it didn't feel like an impossible task. There might be some I *won't* do, but I'll take the request as a sign that the tiles are useful enough that they'd like them available to users of all the formats. I'll try.

UPDATE 2: I got even more feedback that they'd like the tiles in anchored and anchorless formats too! Well, frankly compared to making the different grid formats, this is easy peasy. So, at this point, I've really only submitted ONE set of tiles - the shoreline stuff. It's in all three grid formats with and without anchor marks. Phew. I'll take my time and submit the others as I feel like it. It's a lot more work than just whipping up a couple tiles for myself and sharing it with others like I *thought* kitbashing was going to be!

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