Monday, August 27, 2012

Clearing my plate

I've almost completed going through my old kitbash submissions and freshening them up so they stand a chance of being accepted. It's been a considerable amount of work, as it turns out. I've gone back and created 1", 1.5" and no grid formats of all the tiles I've done in the past, and I've created anchored as well as anchorless versions. Some of the tile sets I was working from never shipped with anchorless versions, so I had to do the work of covering up all the glue spots before I could use them. I've also created TerrainlinX Planner files for all of the kitbashes. It's not as fun as creating the tiles for the first time, but it will hopefully be rewarding to be able to share them with other people. Fingers crossed!

The sets I've submitted now are:

1) Cliff Entrance to the Lost Halls
2) Himmelveil Canals - Extra Halls
3) Himmelveil Gardens
4) Himmelveil Streets - Extra Halls
5) Hinterland Forests - Dead Ends
6) Hinterland Forests - Shoreline

I still have a couple old kitbash ideas I'd like to clean up, but this really helps clear my plate of some long-standing todo items, so now I don't feel like I'm neglecting things when I get back to the TLX version of CastleWorks Ultimate!

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