Friday, August 3, 2012

Photos of some castle build progress

Here are a couple shots of the catwalk system as it's coming along. I put together some of the new support beams and they work great.

Clearly photography is not my main profession... Here's some closeups of the supports in "action":

The first photo shows one of the supports with just one half of the top attached, allowing it to fit snugly against another wall. The second shot is of a center support, so it's got both pieces on the top.

The catwalks themselves have TLX anchors on the tops AND the bottoms:

Those two anchors on the bottom, combined with the supports, make the catwalks really stable. They're a little fiddly to get into place, but it seems worth it.

As for the towers, I'm going to try to plow through as many of the tear-drop shaped tower floors as I can tonight:

My hope is that I can get enough done for a three-story tower. I don't have the posts or walls for them yet, but those are easier to make than cutting out the round foam core tiles.


  1. This looks great.

    As soon as I saw the TLX sets I thought they needed towers and "thick" walls with crenelations. I have been working on the geometry for octagonal sections and curved walls if you would be interested.


    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      I've toyed around with chunky walls that are TLX compatible but for that sort of thing, it was just too time consuming to make large builds. For smaller builds, it certainly added a little more character.

      I've got some plans for octagonal floors and walls too, for towers as well as for special end-caps on Thoumont-style buildings. The real problem I face is getting enough of the TLX bits - the posts and anchors - done to get to the fun parts, like creative walls and such!

  2. I'm talking about 1" thick walls that slot over the post, like the catwalk supports in the Lair of the dragon lord. But these are solid sections that have form core lids. A lot like the Castle works walls but TLX compatible.

    1. I think these chunky pieces don't line up with my build for a couple of reasons - they're slower to build, they take up more space, and I'm not sure how well they'll integrate stylistically with a full TLX build. The original CWU set would have been just fine for me if I wanted to build 1" think pieces. Still, I do like the chunky pieces, and I'd love to see what you come up with! I've seen some pretty inspiring builds where people use non-traditional build techniques with great results.

  3. A bit like this: